Summerset Bakker & Lager : Chapter 12

Summerset Bakker & Lager : Chapter 12


"And Cut!" I hear a faint voice in the distance, my eyes blinking open. "That's a wrap everybody. Great job!" The voice continues followed by a loud boisterous uproar.

I finally muster the strength to get up, a bit dizzy still from last night's fall. I can't believe the sight before me. I have no doubt in my mind I am completely lost.

"Hey you, over there!" The same voice calls out. I turn around, and notice a very jolly, larger than life inhabitant smiling and waving at me. I make my way down from the hill, tons of construction noise fading behind me, towards this friendly being.

"You seem lost. Is everything okay?" The voice asks.

I nod my head slightly noticing their protruding antlers and warm scarf around their neck.

"I'm Jim Jim Summerset. Please to meet you Ø. I've been expecting you." Jim Jim smiles and gives me a big hug.

"But how do you know...." I begin to ask in shock.

"Oh no need to be afraid. The seer foretold this would happen." Summerset interrupts. 

We make our way down to what appears to be a giant lot full of large warehouse buildings, inhabitants zipping by in golf carts, and an enormous tower shining a spotlight on the grounds.

"What is this place?" I ask in awe.

"Welcome to Summerset Bakker Ø," Jim Jim pats me on the back. "This is where all the magic on the island happens. Everything from motion pictures to music recordings, to theatrical performances. This is where it all begins."

We walk along the grounds, filled with inhabitants and all the hustle & bustle you would expect from such a busy atmosphere. 

"You must be starving," Jim Jim laughs "Do you like cereal?"

I'm not quite sure what they mean, but Summerset hands me a delicious pint of a crisp malty lager made a with a cereal medley of grains. "Drink up my friend!"

We proceed to enter a massive building carved out in stone with the marquee reading 'Hall of Pictures'. We are met with an extraordinary display of food, from duck & shiitake risotto, a lovely quiche filled with farmer's cheese and sun-dried tomato, all washed down with a delightful cocktail made with Jasmine Green Tea Whiskey & St. Germain Liqueur, appropriately named 'Winter's Bloom'. 

The ground floors are a beautiful mosaic of colorful tiles, and the walls are covered with frames of what seem to be motion picture posters. As we walk through the hall and Jim Jim continues talking (a lot I might add), I stop immediately at the sight of what appears to be Bowski in one of the frames.

"Look!" I point to the picture in shock. "You know Bowski?"

"Well, of course I know Bowski," Jim Jim answers. "Hamlin used to be a play a lead role in most of my pictures. They had a natural talent for the arts."

"Have you seen them? Do you know where they are?" I plead. "I was guiding them home from Humble Park, and lost them in the skog at the Bluffs."

Jim Jim finally stops smiling and approaches the window near the frame, gazing out into the grounds. "Oh, I'm aware. The seer has foretold this nightmare over and over again. Ever since Bowski left the city, nothing has been the same."

Jim Jim turns towards me, "I wish I could tell you where they are. I miss them dearly."

"What did the seer say to you?" I ask. "I need to get to Kernel Springs. I'm sure it is there I will find them."

Jim Jim laughs,"That's the problem with Bowski. They're always on the move. The seer didn't make much sense, only that is to say that we must look inside ourselves, at our internal compass, in order to find Bowski." 

Jim Jim takes a sip of the cocktail and puts their hand on my shoulder, "Too many of the inhabitants depend on me to keep this place running. It is your destiny Ø. It is written in the stars, you shall be the one to find Hamlin. I am sure of it."

"I hope you're right," I mutter. "By the gods, I hope you're right."

We proceed to make our way out of the Bakker, where a mighty stretch of mountains reminiscent of my homeland appear in sight.

"I must go back to work Ø," Jim Jim gives me a hug goodbye. "It has been a real honor and a privilege to finally meet you."

"Likewise," I nod back. 

Jim Jim grabs my hand and points ahead, "See the light over there? There is a transport hule at the opening of the fjell. If you make it by nightfall, you may rest before your journey in the morning" Jim Jim lets go. 

"Are you certain this is the way to Kernel Springs?" I wonder.

Jim Jim smiles," Well, I can't be certain, as I've never ventured that far out of the city. But what I can tell you is this. When Bowski first came to the city, I found them badly hurt near this area, and Hamlin mentioned to me they had come from the munn of the fjell. That is all I can tell you. You must follow your inner compass Ø to lead you the rest of the way."

And with that, I bid Jim Jim farewell and make my way down to the mountains, towards the light, towards the darkness, channeling my inner compass.

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