Rough City

Millie Westport / Røkt Brunt øl - 4.2%

Millie is the hardest working cat in Rough City, always punching numbers at their office, trying to close the next big deal. Millie loves smoking cigars and riding motorcycles. Always a thrill seeker and joy rider, Millie is fond of an easy drinking, lightly smoked brown ale using Sugar Creek pecan wood cold smoked malt. It's no wonder Millie's always in a good mood.

Rusty Braemore / Dark Sour - 4.2%

The most musically gifted performer in the streets of Rough City, Rusty had an accident at a construction site, but that hasn’t stopped them from playing their heart out and spreading joy to all who gather to watch. Braemore is known for enjoying a nice dark sour with a malty backbone that cuts through just enough to be heard.

Jim Jim Summerset / Breakfast Cereal Lager - 5.3%

The most charismatic cheerleader in the City, Jim Jim loves to play pretend and is an avid supporter of the arts, particularly motion pictures, theater, and music. When not in the studio recording or filming, Jim Jim is often found at the local wateringhole enjoying a nice, malt forward lager reminiscent of Summerset’s favorite meal of the day: breakfast cereal.

Fitz Hemlock / Rustic Oatmeal Stout - 5.4%

The most savvy, cool, and sly inhabitant of Rough City, Fitz loves attention on the streets and will stop at nothing to sell you some curious deli meats from the local packaging plant. Hemlock loves to hoot & holler, play the saxophone, and is know to guzzle down some rustic oatmeal stout brewed with tangerine lace marigolds for good luck from time to time.


Buckstaff Bluffs

Cole Thumper / Rye with Figs & Toasted Fennel - 5.4%

Despite being very meticulous about their dress attire, cleanliness, and baking regiment, Cole shares their love of bread baked in the stone hearth oven and rye ale with most of the inhabitants in the Bluffs.

Mr. Sparkles Emerson / Buckwheat Farmhouse Ale - 4.4%

The wisest inhabitant in the Bluffs, Mr. Sparkles is often seen floating above water glistening with farmhouse ale made with buckwheat, lemon balm, and britton shiso.

Sambuca Woodland / Cherry Wood Smoked Lager - 5%

Sambuca vanished from the bluffs a long time ago, on a dreary night, after falling into a pit of cherry wood smoked lager. Legend has it, every full moon Sambuca can be spotted at the bluffs cemetery searching for their lost soul.

Gizmo Windjammer / Smoked Estonian Koduõlu - 7.1%

Always hiding in fear from the other inhabitants at the bluffs, Gizmo is often found reading under a magnificent rock all about traditional farmhouse ales. They are particularly fond of traditional raw ales made in Estonia. This one is a smoked version of an Estonian raw ale brewed by Paavo Pruul in Hiiumaa.

Lady Flucom / Sahti - 5.9%

The most free spirited, zen, and calm inhabitant of the bluffs, Lady loves a good hat. They also love drinking a traditionally brewed Finnish Sahti with special made Sugar Creek dark rye malt from Belle's Såinnhus. This one is brewed in homage to Mika, Lady's friend in Finland.

Oscar Orchard / Foraged Gruit - 3.7%

The most stylish, eccentric, and talkative inhabitant of the bluffs, Oscar is often seen flying through the desert landscape, foraging for any last bit of herbs they can find to be added to their famous gruit. Oscar particularly likes theirs with sweet gale, yarrow, and a burst of huacatay - an homage to Oscar's Peruvian ancestors.

Year Round


Bowski Hamlin / Czech Style Amber Lager - 4%

Bowski Hamlin is considered to be one of the most beloved inhabitants on the island, full of joy, courage, and poise. Hamlin is one of the only inhabitants to see most of the territories. They are often found enjoying a light & frothy, delicately balanced amber lager amongst old and new friends, and has a knack for knife skills and cooking delicious snacks to feast on.


Humble Park

Belle Aldine / Lemon Sage Gooseberry Wheat - 4.7%

The friendliest and most noble inhabitant of the park, Belle is known to love and share a crispy little wheat beer with fresh picked herbs and gooseberries on a fine summer evening with lots of company - especially after a long day of construction work in the park.

Crystal Apache / Wild Currant Leaf Lager - 3.9%

If you don't spot Crystal at one of the park's many beaches and ponds, something's not right. Usually doodling comics, daydreaming, or hanging with friends (like Budgie and Stupendous), Crystal enjoys a nice crispy little lager on a hot and humid sunny day blended with a little wild currant leaf for a twist.

Pierre Boone / Hornindal Maltøl - 8%

Pierre is hard to find. Always busy or on the run, Pierre has a lovely imagination and is always full of great ideas. When not on the farm malting grain in the cute little Såinnhus (built by Belle), Pierre is known to geek out over old world farmhouse ales, especially those made with landrace grains and kveik yeasts. This one particularly is a nod to the raw ale style brewed by Terje Raftevold in Hornindal.

Rosie Martinez / Grisette with Cherry & Sencha - 4.7%

Rosie is a fantastic all around musician who loves dancing around the park, practicing yoga, and foraging for tea leaves. Rosie’s beverage of choice is a petit saison with hand picked, ripe Montmorency cherries and Spirit Tea Sencha.

Stupendous Gustav / Catharina Style Sour - 4.1%

Always curious and eager to capture all the beautiful landscapes and moments at the park, Stupendous loves to sip on a sessionable, tropical sour beer to stay hydrated - especially on the park’s shores (with Budgie and Crystal) under the blistering sun. This tart little sour is loaded with pink guava and prickly pear.

Budgie Powderhorn / Hoppy Appalachian Maize Ale - 4.6%

Budgie is one of two rambunctious rabbits currently residing at the park. The savvier of the two, Budgie loves to explore the park's many forests and doodle all the picturesque landscapes, all the while sipping on a refreshing, hoppy little maize ale on a hot summer afternoon.

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All our beers are named after childhood pets and the memories of growing up with them.

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