Our Beer Selection Rotates Seasonally

Here are some examples of what you might find on tap!

Tiger Haddon / Hoppy Rugbrød Ale - 6.3%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / Tiger has always been jealous of Cole's bread baking skills. Having received high honors at the Humble Park Academy, Tiger has been studying the landscape in the Falls for quite some time. When ready to call it a day, Tiger loves using Cole's leftover Danish style rye bread to make a hoppy rugbrød ale using Callista, Huell Melon, & Belma Hops. This hoppy rye ale reminds Tiger of spreading their favorite fruity jam on a piece of rye toast. Yummy!

Oscar Orchard / Foraged Gruit - 7.4%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / The most stylish, eccentric, and talkative inhabitant of the bluffs, Oscar is often seen flying through the desert landscape, foraging for any last bit of wind dried malt and herbs they can find to be added to their famous gruit. Oscar particularly likes theirs with whatever's fresh in season. This year's version includes bog myrtle, spruce tips, white pine, lavender and a hint of rosemary. Fermented with a tropical Lithuanian farmhouse yeast, there's big juicy tropical fruit on the nose, botanical herbs in the flavor, and a slight hint of umami in the finish.

Kozmo Beach / Tropical Fruited Sour - 5.3%

Origin : Humble Park / This Tropical Kettle Sour is brewed with Feijoa (Brazilian Guava) & Pineapple, and fermented with Tropical Lithuanian Yeast. Kozmo loves the beach. Always wants attention, and adores making sand angels to lighten up the mood.

Gaston Merrymac / French Pilsner - 4.7%

Origin : Humble Park / Gaston is the largest inhabitant of the park and is full of love & affection. Always flopping down the trails, Merrymac is super smart and loves conversation. While not helping Belle on new construction projects or cleaning up the forests, Gaston is often found enjoying a super light and crisp Pilsner made with French aromatic hops: Strisselspalt, and Mistral with a lovely bouquet of floral notes, and a touch bready malt on the backend.

Yucatán Rain / Farmhouse with Juniper & Ciruelas - 6%

Origin : The Raft / Brewed in collaboration with Plant Shop Chicago and Casa Humilde Cerveceria, this farmhouse ale was brewed using Rocky Mountain Juniper tea and branches, plus Columbian Plums (Ciruelas). Lastly, a native yeast culture captured in the largest underground cave in the world in the Yucatàn Peninsula was used in fermentation. Conditioned for 2 months, we hope you enjoy this limited release available in special edition 16oz crowlers.

Crystal Apache / Wild Currant Leaf Lager - 4.1%

Origin : Humble Park / If you don't spot Crystal at one of the park's many beaches and ponds, something's not right. Usually doodling comics, daydreaming, or hanging with friends (like Budgie and Stupendous), Crystal enjoys a nice crispy little lager on a hot and humid sunny day blended with a little wild currant leaf for a twist.

Stupendous Gustav / Catharina Style Sour - 5.6%

Origin : Humble Park / Always curious and eager to capture all the beautiful landscapes and moments at the park, Stupendous loves to sip on a sessionable, tropical sour wheat beer to stay hydrated - especially on the park’s shores (with Budgie and Crystal) under the blistering sun. This tart little wheat sour is loaded with pink guava and prickly pear, and fermented with Lithuanian farmhouse yeast.

Belle Aldine / Lemon Sage Gooseberry Wheat - 6%

Origin : Humble Park / A tart, refreshing wheat beer brewed with gooseberries, sage bush, and lemon verbena. The friendliest and most noble inhabitant of the park, Belle is known to love and share a crispy little wheat beer with fresh picked herbs and gooseberries on a fine summer evening with lots of company - especially after a long day of construction work in the park.

Budgie Powderhorn / Hoppy Appalachian Maize Ale - 4.8%

Origin : Humble Park / Tropical, Fruity, & Floral Session Pale Ale brewed with a touch of Sugar Creek Appalachian Wind Corn Malt. Budgie is one of two rambunctious rabbits currently residing at the park. The savvier of the two, Budgie loves to explore the park's many forests and doodle all the picturesque landscapes, all the while sipping on a refreshing, hoppy little pale ale made from Appalachian wind corn from Belle's farm on a hot summer afternoon.

Neji Kedvale / Primo Czech Lager - 4.2%

Origin : Humble Park / Neji is the hippest inhabitant in the Park. Neji loves to hang out at Wild Prairie, spinning all the greatest hits on vinyl and sporting all the coolest vintage clothes. On a hot midsummer night, you can spot Neji enjoying a light, crisp, malt forward, and crushable midsummer lager, brewed with a single decoction to celebrate the joy of life, love, and happiness. This lovely beer was made in collaboration with Natasha & Alex at Wild Prairie in Humboldt Park. Special thanks to Steven Krakow for the illustration and Katie Lukes for the finishing touches. #supportlocal

More Lifelike / Hazy Farmhouse Ale - 4.5%

Origin : The Raft / Our first collaboration series with Sunjacket, an art rock band based in Chicago, is this lovely hazy pale ale, almost radler like, bursting with Sea Buckthorn Berries & Mango juicy flavor, dry hopped with Citra & Hallertau Blanc and fermented with our tropical Lithuanian Simonaitis Farmhouse Yeast. This beer was inspired by listening to Sunjacket's latest record, available now!

Lil Louis Walton / Midwestern Dark Lager - 4%

Origin : Kernel Springs / The best dressed and coolest inhabitant of the Springs, Lil Louis is a well known regular at the Kernel Springs Dojo Bar. Walton loves making new friends and enjoying a dangerously drinkable Dark Lager that's been double decocted with Sugar Creek Malt. It's malt forward, nutty, & biscuity with a smooth bitterness. Just the way Lil Louis likes it!

Chauncey Delaware / Rye Saison - 5.9%

Origin : Kernel Springs / This classy & witty, lemon meringue pie fanatic, bichon frise loves to have company over. Delaware is known to love a thirst quenching, lemony, peppery, and spicy rye saison with a nice bouquet of fruity esters from the blend of Belgian and French yeast strains. This is especially true on a hot Sunday afternoon after a long days work on the farm. Chauncey also loves to knit quilts and bake other fun treats like short bread cookies yum!

Sundae Prairie / Hoppy Farmhouse Ale - 4.2%

Origin : Kernel Springs / Sundae is very social, encouraging, and full of love and joy. When not sleeping in their cozy lil burrow, Sundae can be found picking their favorite Closed Loop Farms Chamomile Stems to use as a filter in their light and zippy Hoppy Farmhouse Ale (4.2%) made with tropical Lithuanian yeast.

Tafas Cambridge / Vossaøl- 5.6%

Origin : Kernel Springs / Unstoppable, yet always moving at their own pace, Tafas is the most talented writer in the Springs, known for exceptional works such as "Pass the Kvass" and "Sigmund Knows Best." Cambridge is known to love a traditional farmhouse ale known as Heimabrygg and/or vossaøl, boiled for over 12 hours and fermented super hot with Voss Kveik yeast to give it a sweet, ripe mango flavor with underlying earthy, grassy notes.

Rascal Lake / Pale Keller Bier - 4.1%

Origin: Unknown / As the name clearly suggests, this little one is as mischievous and loving as they come. Rascal loves attention, and will never say no to a good time. When not causing a raucous, you can find Rascal sipping on an unfiltered German Ale/Lager hybrid brewed with Sugar Creek White Oak Malt for a little touch of smoke and pizazz!

Rusty Braemore / Dark Sour - 4.2%

Origin : Rough City / The most musically gifted performer in the streets of Rough City, Rusty had an accident at a construction site, but that hasn’t stopped them from playing their heart out and spreading joy to all who gather to watch. Braemore is known for enjoying a nice dark sour with a malty backbone that cuts through just enough to be heard.

Sambuca Woodland / Cherry Wood Smoked Lager - 5%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / Sambuca vanished from the bluffs a long time ago, on a dreary night, after falling into a pit of cherry wood smoked lager. Legend has it, every full moon Sambuca can be spotted at the bluffs cemetery searching for their lost soul. *This special beer is poured out of our Lukr Side Pull Taps for that delicious creamy and wet foam experience.

Jim Jim Summerset / Breakfast Cereal Lager - 5.2%

Origin : Rough City / The most charismatic cheerleader in the City, Jim Jim loves to play pretend and is an avid supporter of the arts, particularly motion pictures, theater, and music. When not in the studio recording or filming, Jim Jim is often found at the local watering hole enjoying a nice, malt forward lager reminiscent of Summerset’s favorite meal of the day: breakfast cereal.

Pierre Boone / Hornindal Maltøl - 8%

Origin : Humble Park / Pierre is hard to find. Always busy or on the run, Pierre has a lovely imagination and is always full of great ideas. When not on the farm malting grain in the cute little Såinnhus (built by Belle), Pierre is known to geek out over old world farmhouse ales, especially those made with landrace grains and kveik yeasts. This one particularly is a nod to the raw ale style brewed by Terje Raftevold in Hornindal.

Gizmo Windjammer / Smoked Estonian Koduõlu - 7.1%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / This Estonian Koduõlu (Farmhouse Raw Ale) with an added touch of Såinnhus Smoked barley malt from Sugar Creek Malt Company is the perfect companion by the camp fire or under a tree reading a book in peace. Gizmo, often the hardest inhabitant to find in the Bluffs, loves drinking this beer while in hiding, contemplating the deep dark winter ahead.

Rosie Martinez / Grisette with Cherry & Sencha - 4.7%

Origin : Humble Park / Rosie is a fantastic all around musician who loves dancing around the park, practicing yoga, and foraging for tea leaves. Rosie’s beverage of choice is a petit saison with hand picked, ripe Montmorency cherries and Spirit Tea Sencha.

Millie Westport / Smoked Amber - 4.2%

Origin : Rough City / Pecan Wood Smoked Amber. Light on the smoke and light on the body - Millie is the hardest working cat in Rough City, always punching numbers at their office, trying to close the next big deal. Millie loves smoking cigars and riding motorcycles. Always a thrill seeker and joy rider, Millie is fond of an easy drinking, lightly smoked amber ale using Sugar Creek pecan wood cold smoked malt. It's no wonder Millie's always in a good mood.

Mortimer "Morti" Renshaw / Session Baltic Porter - 4.2%

Origin : Kernel Springs / This mischievous, wild, yet loyal little tabby cat is always getting into things and making a mess, but lucky enough to never get caught. Morti is super fond of a dark brew with a robust body and all those roasty, toasty, bran flake & choco notes you'd expect from a traditional Baltic porter., but with half the ABV. That way, Morti can drink more of it and keep causing trouble. Fermented with house lager yeast. *This special beer is poured out of our Lukr Side Pull Taps for that delicious creamy and wet foam experience.

Lady Flucom / Sahti - 5.9%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / The most daring and adventurous inhabitant of the bluffs, Lady actually loves peace and quiet. Flucom is often found meditating or practicing yoga before enjoying a lovely, malt forward Finnish Style raw ale, brewed with a very special, Finnish style roasted rye malt from Sugar Creek Malt. This gives the beer lots of dark rich rye bread flavor with hints of banana, chocolate, and orange spice from the farmhouse yeast strain.

Snowballs in April / White Oak Cold Smoked Kölsch Style Ale - 4.6%

Origin : Kernel Springs / Brewed with a touch of Sugar Creek Cold Smoked White Oak Malt. The law of the land in Kernel Springs, Snowballs tries to keep things civil. When not chasing after Morti, Snowballs loves to enjoy an ice cold Kölsch style ale with a touch of fruity white oak cold smoke and a clean dry finish. Snowballs lagers their kölsch for 2 months using a special yeast from Köln (shhh it's a secret). Funny how it always seems to snow in Kernel Springs...

Fitz Hemlock / Foraged Stout - 5%

Origin : Rough City / The most savvy, cool, and sly inhabitant of Rough City, Fitz loves attention on the streets and will stop at nothing to sell you some curious deli meats from the local packaging plant. Hemlock loves to hoot & holler, play the saxophone, and is known to guzzle down some easy drinking, foraged stout brewed with tangerine lace marigolds from time to time.

Bowski Hamlin / Midwestern Golden Amber Lager - 4.5%

Origin : Kernel Springs / Bowski Hamlin is considered to be one of the most beloved inhabitants on the island, full of joy, courage, and poise. Hamlin is one of the only inhabitants to see most of the territories. They are often found enjoying a light & frothy, delicately balanced, decocted golden amber lager using Sugar Creek Malt amongst old and new friends. Hamlin also has a knack for knife skills and cooking delicious snacks to feast on.

Bingo Campbell / Hoppy Brown Ale - 6.4%

Origin : Rough City / As we approach the inevitable colder months of the year, we invite you to try our take on an IPA meets Brown Ale. Super pleasant piney and citrus aromatics with a light to medium body. Notes of toffee, coffee and biscuit give way to a nice dry finish with the Yucatán saison yeast. You’ll often find Bingo sneaking one of these at Rough City’s ice skating rink when they’re not doing one of their crazy tricks in the air deli meats from the local packaging plant. Hemlock loves to hoot & holler, play the saxophone, and is known to guzzle down some easy drinking, foraged stout brewed with tangerine lace marigolds from time to time.

Finnegan Keller / Holiday Ale (Juleøl) - 7%

Origin : Rough City / Finn's the most enthusiastic member of the City. You can always find Keller running around the construction sites jumping rope and exercising with friends to stay warm as the cold weather sets in. After a good day's workout, Finn loves a drinkable strong ale that's mighty hoppy, with a smooth bitterness. Oh, and those delicious graham cracker malty undertones. It's the perfect beverage to share with Finn's friends and loved ones during the holiday season. Skål!

Django Pennsylvania / Grodziskie - 3.8%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / aka 100% Smoked Polish Style Wheat Beer - Our love for smoked beers has no limits! Earlier this year, we reached out to Dusan from @liveoakbrewing , realizing we both share a love for brewing beers with smoked malts in a way that is approachable, crushable as f**k, and a pain in the a** to make. Dusan came up to Chicago, and we fired up the cooker (as he calls it ?) using 100% white oak smoked red wheat from @sugarcreekmaltco.

Cole Thumper / Rye with Figs - 5%

Origin : Buckstaff Bluffs / Despite being very meticulous about their dress attire, cleanliness, and baking regiment, Cole shares their love of bread baked in the stone hearth oven and rye ale with most of the inhabitants in the Bluffs.

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