• Beer by Ørkenoy

  • Hoppy Maize Ale

    (5%) Hoppy little cream ale named after our bud Budgie the bunny.

  • Amber Lager

    (4.3%) Toasty, malty Amber Lager inspired by our Chef's best bud Bowski Hamlin.

  • Gooseberry Wheat w/ Lemon Balm & Sage

    (4.5%) Named after the most adventurous pup Mrs. Belle Aldine.

  • Farmhouse Ale w/ Lemon Verbena & Shiso

    (5%) Ripe Stone Fruit lead the way to nuanced herbaciousness in this fun, funky, refresing farmhouse ale. Inspired by the wise Mr. Sparkles Emerson

  • Catharina Sour w/ Pink Guava & Prickly Pear

    (4%) Tropical & tart sour brewed w/ pink guava and prickly pear.

  • Rye Ale w/ Figs & Toast Fennel

    (4%) Rye ale brewed w/ just the right amount of fig and toasted fennel seed. Inspied by our architect's old hound Cole Thumper.

  • Oyster Stout

    (4.9%) Don't be scared. This is the tastiest of little dry stouts with just a hint of the sea.

    Oysters were used three ways for this brew: full in the mash, shelled and shucked right into the wort.

  • Cocktails

  • Forest Dweller

    Rye, Apple Brandy, Amaro Angostura, Creme de Peche. Garnished w/ Cherry & Candied Ginger

  • Nysnö

    Mezcal, Lemon, Cream of Coconut, Rosemary Simple, Chicory & Pecan Bitters

  • Blåbær Pie, Oh My!

    Pasubio Amaro, Ruby Port, Lemon, Mint Simple, Casamara Amaro Soda

  • Beet Your Heart Out

    Scotch, Dry Sherry, Cherry Beet Hibiscus Booch, Apricot Nectar, Figgy Fennel Bitters

  • Siste Ordet

    Mezcal, Caffo, Botanical Liqueur, Lime

  • Aquavit & Tonic

    Lemon & Dill

  • Wine (by the glass)

  • A rotating selection of Red, White, & House Specials

  • Non Alcoholic

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Lemonade

  • Topo Chico

  • Mexican Coke

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