• Smørrebrød

  • Fry Life


    High Life Battered Whitefish, House Remoulade, Cabbage, Fried Capers, Dill, Sourdough

  • Wild Boar Meatloaf


    House Wild Boar Meatloaf, Mashed Potato, Lingonberry Glaze, Black Pepper Gravy, Fried Shallot

  • Spambrod


    Fried Spam, Gochujang Mayo, Poached Egg, Scallion, American cheese, Hawaiian Bread

  • Smaller Shareables

  • Apple Gochujang Sprouts


    Fried Brussels, Gochujang Apple Brown Butter, Poached Egg

    *Vegan upon request

  • Caraway Buns


    3 House-made caraway buns served w/ Hoppy peach mustard.

  • Vegan Kale Cesar


    Cashew "Parm", Rye Crouton, House Vegan Cesar Dressing

  • Crab Beignets


    Mascarpone, Sour Cream Powder, Smoked Paprika

  • Juustoleipa Cheese


    Baked Wisconsin made Finnish Style Cheese topped with Raw Honey & Walnut Dukkah. Served w/ Lemon Mostardo & Pear/Orange Jam.

  • Larger Shareables

  • Mezcal & Plum Ribs


    36 Hour Pork Ribs, Mick Klug Farms Plums & Yola Mezcal BBQ Sauce, Fried Garlic, Scallion

  • Bites

  • Beet Pickled Egg


    Chili Crisp, Chive

  • Potato Pancakes & Smoked Roe


    3 Crispy Potato Pancakes Topped w/ Dill Sour Cream and Smoked Roe

  • Roasted Oyster


    Grapefruit Buerre Blanc, Parsley

  • Dessert

  • Carrot Cake


    Cream Cheese Frosting, Candied Orange

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